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Manually send Welcome Email to customers

Adds a new field on the customer, this is a (Yes/NO) value, if its at NO and the customer is selected, and the action run, the customer will receive a welcome email. After the email is sent the No will turn in to a YES, meaning that this customer wont receive again, unless you change the customers value. 


This module adds an extra action to the dropdown in the Manage Customers tab, allowing you to send a welcome email to all selected customers, while keeping track of who has received already. The module will make sure to not send to the same customer twice, unless you force it to do so.

Each customer has gotten a new field, this is a Yes/No dropdown menu, at the beginning all fields will be at the state No, until you select the customers you wish to send a email, select the action, and press submit. The customer list will show, of all the selected customers, and the result for each customer, showing whether or not an email has been sent. After the email has been sent, the ‘No’ will change to a ‘Yes’. Customers that has the ‘Yes’ mark, and are selected during a run, won't get a new email, you can manually change the value from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ if you wish to resend.

This module is very helpful if you import users and later want to mass-send welcome emails.


  • Easily send welcome emails
  • No upper email sending limit
  • Keep track of who has already received a welcome email, while avoiding sending the same email more than once.

List of benefits

  • Super Simple.
  • Easy to use.
  • Extremely short setup time.

Use Case

Maybe you just relaunched your Magento shop, maybe even with a brand new design, and therefore really want your already existing customers to take a new look at your site, this is where the module comes in. Modify the Welcome Email template like you otherwise would, or even keep the stylish standard, select the customers you wish to send a email, click on the action, and press submit. A summary will show, a list of all the customers that have just received a welcome email and those that has already  received a welcome email prior to the send email mass-action.

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